What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Thank you for employing professional employees! I was very impressed with Jose, Daniel, and Ruben. They were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Jose came the first day and explained the process in detail. Jose was very respectful to his team of employees. Daniel and Rubin came the second day and started the first process of the work that needed to be done. Daniel and Ruben were so kind to clean up, vacuum, and sweep up after they were done working. They both helped me move furniture around that was too heavy for me to lift. Ruben was extremely sweet to help me move around my children's belongs in a manner that would allow them to still get to their clothes and important everyday things. I especially like how well Ruben and Daniel worked together. All three men were gentle with our belongings, respected our home, and beyond professional. Thank you, I highly recommend Jose, Daniel, and Ruben for your next SERVPRO needs.

SERVPRO of Atascadero was great and very helpful to me when my room needed drying out, even when I had to call them after 10:30 pm. I came home to a flooded room and gave them a call. SERVPRO was very helpful and professional.

We discovered a leak from our upstairs shower. We had a plumber come out. We then called our insurance, who directed us to SERVPRO, who installed hot-air blowers for several days and who will now move on to work with the insurance contractors to repair the damage. We are writing to commend SERVPRO for their excellent and helpful service: Tony, Daniel, Joe, and Jay were all very polite and hard-working, and very professional. We were lucky to find them.

SERVPRO of Atascadero did an excellent job when we had a pinhole water leak in our attic between our garage and laundry room.  We were not at home at the time, and black mold developed as a consequence.  The crew had to remove a lot of drywall, cupboards, sinks, etc. during the demolition.  The next step was to bring in the large dehumidifiers, and then finally to clean and remove all traces of the mold.  I want to personally thank the entire team,  Javiel Senior and Junior, Joe, Jimmie, and Randy.  Congratulations on a job well done!

We had a serious pipe break which damaged 2 Apartments...Javier Jr., and Joe S., were amazing. They explained step by step what they were doing, professional and thorough. Answered a lot of questions and really helped us through the process. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone and again I want to personally Thank Javier Jr., and Joe. There were others that did an excellent job as well. Thank you, SERVPRO!

Our office bathroom was leaking a lot of water suddenly.  Very gross water was coming out under the door and spilling into the carpet on the hallway. It was a pretty awful sight to see. We tried using towels and such to clean it up. When we came in the next morning, it was worse. Even though the leak had stopped, the water had soaked into more of the flooring and the office was very humid. We called SERVPRO and they came out with these huge dryers and de-humidifiers. They pulled up the carpet and got everything dry. Then they cleaned the carpet too. It was the best case fix I could imagine. In about a day, everything was back to normal. We had an excellent experience with them.

Extremely happy with this company's work.  We had a leak in a hose to/from our dishwasher which seeped under the floor, so it wasn't readily apparent until the floorboards in front of the sink got "squishy" and water started leaking up.  Our insurance company recommended SERVPRO of Atascadero, and they came out immediately to assess the damage.  They wasted no time in beginning the mitigation process, diligently came back daily to monitor progress, and communicated each step of the way.  Did an awesome job.  Thanks to Amber, Javiel and the whole crew!