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Emergency ready Profile

SERVPRO of Atascadero is able to help out the community with a broad selection. Espicially with a emergency ready profile which can help you set up a plan for any emergency in your property.

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Customer Satisfaction

Here at SERVPRO of Atascadero are known for giving great customer service to each one of our customers that we help out. We understand the pressure you may be in during a disaster and we are here to always help.

white plastic cover half of the inside of the building with multiple of desks scattered on the floor

Water Damage in a Bank

We got called out to one of our local bank to go out and assist them for a large water damage that they had in their bank. We were successfully able to have them ready to get back in business within 4 days.

pink insulation exposed from drywall being removed

Water Damage in Atascadero

There was a large water damage done to this bathroom that is located in Atascadero. We were able to fully dry out the area and our restoration company was able to restore back.

blue water equipment

Water Mitigation Equipment

Here is a picture of the equipment that we use in order to find if there is any moisture in the areas to think that water may have affected it. 

exposed ceiling with half of the drywall falling

Water Damage in Cambria

There was a large roof leak in this property located in Cambria. There was significant damage done to the ceiling. We were able to mitigate the whole area affected with our equipment.

exposed concrete with wooden frame

Water Damage in Paso Robles

We helped out a homeowner with water damage to its property that affected walls in the living room. We were able to successfully able to mitigate the property and restore it. Which made the homeowner a sense of relief.

green machines scattered around the kitchen

Storm Damage in a kitchen

With all the heavy rain that the central coast received there was a lot of water damage doen to properties. In this case there was a large water leak from the rain that affected the kitchen's floor and drywall. 

3 chairs with boxes on top of it in the living room.

Flood Damage

a significant amount of water entered this house. We had to remove the wood flooring and drywall to make sure that the area was fully dry in order to start the restoration.

green living room walls with furniture along the wall

Storm Damage

Carpet and walls were affected by water in this house. We have to remove the carpet and a certain amount of drywall in order to fully dry the area. The homeowner were happy with the end results.

blue room with bedroom furniture around the room

Storm Damage in bedroom

There was a flood in this city due to the amount of rain there was. This property had a significant amount of water damage in some rooms. As for this room only the carpet was affected which has to be removed.

ceiling paint peeling with garage closets damaged

Water damage in Garage

There was severe water damage in this garage due to rain. It was able to be contained which was good. It was not a large job but we were happy to help out the homeowner with this damage.

large mold spot on the right corner of the room

Storm damage

There was a small storm damage in this property due to a small flood that occurred in their area. We were able to extract water and start the mitigation immediately in this property.

fire soot on the ceiling and walls of living room

Remaining Fire Damage from a Past Fire

We got called out to this fire damage that was not able to be fully remediated by the homeowner which is why they gave us a call. It was a big fire loss but we were able to handle it and help out the homeowner

tool set next to a burned storage closet located in the garage

Fire Damage in a Garage

A fire broke out in this garage due to a electrical malfunction. We were able to help out this homeowner within a couple of week since we performed the reconstruction as well.

black soot above the kitchen area that has kitchen equipment

Fire Damage in an Apartment

A small fire broke out in the kitchen of a apartment. It was able to be contained to a small area. We were able to remediate the area within 3 days.

house with vines and flowers surround the outside of the house

Board up Windows.

We were called out to this job to get the windows and doors boarded up since there was fire that occurred there but was contained by the fire department. The owner decided to board it up mine while they decide what to do to the house.

insulation falling from the ceiling of a garage

Fire in a Garage

There was a fire that started of in the garage of this two story house. We were able to remediate the whole house since it got smoke damage from the fire. 

Fire damage in a kitchen. Fridge along the black soot

Fire Damage

There was a small fire damage that created it a large amount of damage to a student dormitory. we were able to fully remediate the whole building since the fire caused water damage as well. 

full storage room with boxes around the floor and a roll of carpet pad leaning against the wall

Water Damage in a Storage Room

In this picture we had a large amount of water damage that affected a storage room with a lot of stuff in it. We had to fully remediate the place in order for the reconstruction team to start placing new drywall for the owner to use this storage area again.

green machines scattered throughout the tile floor.

Water Damage in an Air BNB

We were called out to assists a homeowner whose air bnb was affected by water damage and needed it to get dried out as soon as possible. We immediately got right to it and were able to completely dry it out within 3 days.

black soot in the upper left corner of the kitchen

Fire Damage in a Student Apartment Complex

We were called out late at night to remediate a apartment complex that was affected by a fire that started in the kitchen. We immediately were able to get started and were able to get the place done within 5 days.

commercial kitchen with wet ceiling tiles with kitchen equipment around the floor

Water Damage in a Commercial Kitchen

We were dispatch to remediate the dining room for a school that had affected ceiling tiles that made it very unsafe for anyone to eat in it. It was a large job but we were able to dry out the area.

dining area in a restaurant with tables and lamps inside

Water Damage Inside a Restaurant

In this photo there was water damage to the carpet of this restaurant due to a roof leak. We were able to help out the owner just in time for him to open up his restaurant.

kitchen fire in a student apartment complex

Kitchen Fire

This was the result of a kitchen fire in a student apartment complex. There was a large amount of soot that covered the whole kitchen. The thing that affected the property more was water due to the sprinklers being set off.

green pickup truck with a mountain landscape

No Job is Too Remote!

At SERVPRO of Atascadero we don't pick & choose locations when it comes to dispatching our crews, and we dispatch them FAST. No matter how remote your home or business is, a quick response time can make a huge difference when it comes to minimizing the damage whether it's a water damage claim, a fire, or smoke damage. When you've just had your worst day, SERVPRO is ready to give you our best, right away!

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SERVPRO: Serving the Central Coast

Whether it's a water damage claim, fire and/or smoke damage, or mold remediation, SERVPRO is ready to go at a moment's notice! SERVPRO of Atascadero is currently faster to any disaster than any other restoration company! All up & down the Central Coast, we can help anywhere from San Simeon to Lompoc, Paso Robles to Pismo Beach and everywhere in-between! Call us now at 805-541-1271.

All Hands On Deck in Morro Bay!

At SERVPRO of Atascadero we don't hold back when it comes to dispatching our crews, and FAST. We know that when it comes to your home or business, a quick response time can make a huge difference when it comes to minimizing the damage whether it's a water damage claim, a fire, or smoke damage. When you've just had your worst day, SERVPRO is ready to give you our best, right away!

Gym Floor Dry-Out

In March of 2018 the gymnasium at Morro Bay High School suffered water damage during the storms and the school district turned to SERVPRO of Atascadero for help. On-site with the hour of the initial phone call, SERVPRO got right to work, saved the gym floor and in doing so, saved the school district hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs!

a man in a white protective suit

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment is essential for safe practices on the job site. At SERVPRO of Atascadero, we follow strict guidelines to assure our crew members are safely providing the best possible service to our valued customers. Whether it's a biohazard (hazmat), water damage claim, fire and/or smoke damage, or mold remediation, SERVPRO observes all IICRC and OSHA standards.

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SERVPRO is Ready to GO!

We are available 24/7! No matter what time it is in the day we will always help you out. SERVPRO has handled many damages for property owners that have happen from 2 o'clock in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

Our Hot Rod for Servicing Water Damage in Atascadero

When we need to service a customer quickly and efficiently, we dispatch our HHR, aka the Hot Rod  to mitigate their water damage, fire or smoke damage needs in Atascadero.Although restoration after water damage, smoke damage and fire disasters may be our specialty, we don’t wish them upon anyone. But if they occur, SERVPRO is ready for whatever happens, 24/7.


We are ready big or small!


We are ready big or small!

HERO Ready

SERVPRO is always ready!